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Dog Training Bag

Dog Training Bag

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  • Optimal Size: Our dog treat pouch is thoughtfully designed with dimensions ranging between 82cm and 135cm, providing ample space to store toys, treats, and more during your outings with your furry companion.
  • Abundant Pocket Capacity: Equipped with divided inner pockets, this pouch offers convenient organization for all your essential items, including those for both you and your dog. Stay prepared and enjoy a day of fun-filled activities without worrying about carrying multiple bags.
  • Exceptional Value and Functionality: Our dog treat bag offers incredible value for your money. In addition to being a reliable treat carrier, it also includes a whistle, collapsible bowl, training clicker, and poop bag dispenser, making it a comprehensive and practical accessory for dog owners.

Experience the perfect blend of convenience, organization, and versatility with our dog treat pouch. Its optimal size, abundant pockets, and bonus features ensure that you can enjoy outings with your furry friend while having all the essentials readily accessible.

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